Glasses : More than a Profession, my Passion

Our story

Though I come from France, Canada has always been a country that called to me and made me want to experience something new.

Certified as an Optician for more than 10 years, I settled in Quebec in 2017. Although the landscape has changed, my passion for this profession is as strong as ever.

Over the years, my personal project has come into focus: use my knowledge and skills as an Optician to take on a new challenge, creating original yet classy tailor-made eyeglasses which correspond to each individual’s needs and desires.

The brand Atelier CARIBOO is Montreal-born. Collaboration with a French manufacturer came naturally as I aim to ensure a high quality product for my clients, exceptional craftsmanship, while respecting my personal values.



Since I was small I have been fascinated by this majestic animal which evokes vast spaces like those in Canada. The caribou is, for me, the physical incarnation of robustness and elegance in one.

This animal’s ability to adapt and its tenacity allow it to overcome all manner of situation and traverse great distances to reach its goals.

These characteristics resonate with my personal values and assure me that the caribou is the best choice for the effigy of my brand. From there it came naturally to create a logo representing this animal and associating it with glasses.

To put it simply, to design unique glasses for each unique individual.